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Florence Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Duration: 90 minutes (approx.)
Location: Florence, Italy

Spend an afternoon visiting a traditional chocolate maker in the heart of Florence on this small group tour and savor hand made sweet delights, paired with Italian wines for the ultimate indulgence.

Today’s tour (maximum 12 people) is set in a Cioccolateria, dating back to 1936. You’ll view traditional methods of chocolate making before taking your place at the table where a feast for your palate awaits.

Sit back as you’re presented with four chocolate dishes: plain chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate filled with vanilla, and hazelnut creams. Distinguish between the bitter, acidic, sweet, astringent and salty flavors, and note how each mouthful is accentuated by the accompanying local Italian wine. (Children can team their tastings with a choice of either soft drink, juice or water).

The afternoon is not complete without supplementing your sweet cravings with the multiple textures of Pan Forte and Panpepato, two cakes typical of the Tuscan region.



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